The Eastern Kentucky University Gaming Institute focuses on the design, development, and publication of video games within an academic context.

EKU is home to the first bachelor's degree focusing on game design in the state.  Here are the video game related course offerings this Spring.  Register now!

CRN Course Title Term
51421 CSC 140 Intro to Game Design Summer
13727 INF 105 3D Printing Fall
15375 INF 301 2D Animation Fall
12949 CSC 308 Mobile App Dvlpmnt for iOS Fall
12686 CSC 315 3D Modeling Fall
15274 SJS 322 Social Justice & Media Fall
12720 AFA 347 Identity and Video Games Fall
15377 INF 507 Digital Sculpting Fall
12068 CSC 550 Graphics (Shader) Programming Fall
15355 CSC 555 Virtual Reality App Dev. Fall

Our inaugural year for Vector :: Directions in Game Development was a great success with close to 200 attendees from around the country.  Check out the website (http://www.vectorconf.com) for updates on next year's event.  In the meantime, here is a recap video: